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232 pages.36,000 words.15 chapters.5 simple, actionable SOPs you can use to grow cleaner, healthier crops, TODAY.Everything you need to properly identify, treat, and prevent threats in your grow before they become problems.Written by Zac Ricciardi, IPM Expert & National Cannabis Specialist for BioSafe Systems, and Ben Owens, creator of GrowHort & Hobby Hash 🍯.

“I have learned a vast amount about implementing clean growing techniques from Zac. His years of experience are evident in every explanation about proper pest and disease prevention and treatment. Zac is someone you want on your side.”— Paul Valenzuela, The Clone Coach
Clone Coach

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Zac for quite a few years now. Zac has provided critical support. Every time I get to work
with Zac I’m enlightened, and inspired to keep learning. Having him as a resource is something I’ll forever be grateful for.”
— Nicholas Rees, Founder/Creator
StackHouse Nevada

“Zac’s love for the plant and passion for cultivating clean cannabis is second to none. His willingness to share the plethora
of knowledge he has gained throughout the years—with the grower’s success at heart—proves his commitment to his craft.”
— Kalen Bigg, Manager
ACW Supply

“Having a reliable source for help is vital to success. Zac is the person I go to whenever an issue arises. His IPM knowledge is
vast...Whether you have a specific problem you’re dealing with or you need a great IPM strategy, Zac is the person you want on your side! They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Follow Zac’s advice, he’ll save you and your pounds.”
— Damian Deforest, President
Apex Extracts

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  • CHAPTER 1. 10 Habits of Highly Successful Cultivators

  • CHAPTER 2. The Pest-Pathogen Triangle

  • CHAPTER 3. Induced Systemic Response (ISR): Using ISR to our advantage

  • CHAPTER 4. The 4 Pathogen Families In Cannabis

  • CHAPTER 5. Powdery Mildew 101: Scout, Prevent, And Cure

  • CHAPTER 6. Botrytis 101: Prevention & Treatment

  • CHAPTER 7. Common Pests in Cannabis & How They Spread

  • CHAPTER 8. IPM Tactics & Implementation

  • CHAPTER 9. High Quality H2O: Water 101, Treatment, & Analysis

  • CHAPTER 10. Full-Cycle Cannabis Cultivation IPM SOP

  • CHAPTER 11. BONUS: Mother Plant Care SOP

  • CHAPTER 12. BONUS: Propagation & Cloning SOPs

  • CHAPTER 13. BONUS: Full IPM & Plant Care Calendar

  • CHAPTER 14. BONUS: Bringing In New Genetics SOP

  • CHAPTER 15. BONUS: Most Commonly Asked IPM FAQs

"I have known Zac for years and his scientific approach to cannabis has always inspired me as a grower. His suggestions have changed the way I see my rooms."— Dylan Kohagen, Head Grower

Let's face it: IPM isn't fun, it's necessary.

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